Message from Chairman and Managing Director
Dear Shareholders

For almost 15 years, the Company has grown steadily and is well known as quality dessert cafe by providing delicious and good service to all customers. In 2021, the Company still faced more pressure and challenges due to the more severe COVID-19 epidemic. To stop COVID-19 that spread widely and quickly, the government issued several disease control measures and other mandated operational restrictions such as restriction on operating hours, restriction on seating capacity and temporary closure of the store, which had the very negative impact on the business and operating results of the Company that never been happened before.

The Company had to adjust various operating strategy together with taking strict action in the control of expenses in order to get through this difficult situation well.

In 2022, the company continues to face ongoing challenges due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID19. However, the company still believes that the COVID-19 situation will gradually ease. The Company commits to overcome all obstacles to have better operating result in 2022 by adhering to deliver good quality products and service to consumers. The Company will adapt and use various strategies to gain profit as targeted.

On behalf of the board of directors, I would like to thank our shareholders, business partners, customers, as well as executives and staff for the support and trust given to our company. We endeavor to operate business with sustainable growth, taking into account the benefits of all stakeholders.

Mr. Premon Pinskul
Mr. Maetup T. Suwan
Managing Director