Shareholder Info. & Dividend

Dividend Policy of the Company

The Company has a policy to pay dividends to shareholders at the rate of not less than 50% of net income from the separate financial statements after deduction of corporate income tax and reserves. All types are subject to the laws and regulations of the Company. However, the dividend payment may be subject to change depending on the necessity and other suitability as the Board of Directors deems appropriate. On the other hand, the annual dividend payment must be approved by the shareholders' meeting, except for interim dividend payment where the Board of Directors may authorize the interim dividend to be paid from time to time if there is sufficient profit to do so, and the interim dividend payment will be reported to the next shareholders' meeting.

For the Performance year Shares at year-end Net Profit (Bt) EPS (Bt.) separate F/S Dividend Paid (Bt.) Stock Dividend (Shares) Dividend per share Dividend Payout Ratio
2015 540,000 56,433,950 104.51 56,430,000   104.5 100%
2016 560,000,000 99,094,739 0.137 78,400,000   0.11 79%
2016 725,000,000 5,437,480   0.0075 5%
2016 725,000,000   9,062,356 0.01 9%
Total 2016     83,837,480 9,062,356 0.13 93.75%
(Subj. to AGM approval)
815,623,561 129,179,191 0.158 122,343,534 0.15 94.71%